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Yes, it's a sports show - but not like the others! Tune in Friday 5 - 5.30pm and join Trevor Grant (pictured) as he takes a look at how sport has been hijacked by the corporate world.


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Friday 5 - 5.30pm

Presenter: Trevor Grant (pictured)

My 40 years in mainstream sports journalism, mostly at The Age and Herald-Sun in Melbourne, has given me the opportunity to cover the biggest and best sports all around the world. It has also allowed me to watch up close all forms of sport being hijacked by the corporate world.

Sport is another commodity to be bought and consumed these days, and a roll-over, puppy-dog media, which often has financial relationships with the biggest sports, ensures this process goes unchallenged.
Whether it's the Olympics, AFL football, Rugby League, rugby, cricket, tennis, World Cup football or any other high-profile activity, corporatisation and profit trumps everything else.

The end result is that those of us out there among the 99 per cent are losing our grip on the games that mean so much to us. We are also seeing all kinds of anti-social practices that are not tolerated in other walks of life but are allowed to go unchecked in sport.

Take for starters; sexism, racism, homophobia and umpteen forms of corruption. The show will make theconnection between sports and such important issues as class, race, gender, money and politics - all of which are mostly ignored by the mainstream sports media.

It’s a battle that might resemble Spain versus Tonga at the World Cup but we are ready to take them on. 
So, strap on those running shoes, pull up the socks and tune in to What's the Score, $port ? at 5 pm every Friday.