Raise the Roof

Tenancy rights and issues from the perspective of low-income older persons. Presented by HAAG, Jeff Fiedler broadcasts on housing for 3CR's Raise the Roof program and works as a Tenancy Advice Worker for Housing for the Aged Action Group (HAAG).


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About Raise the Roof

There are rapidly increasing housing problems facing older people, caused by an ageing population, reducing rates of home ownership, and significant increases in older people relying on rental accommodation to age-in-place in retirement.

Women are particularly vulnerable due to low paid and interrupted careers, lower rates of savings and superannuation. Most people affected have lived largely conventional lives but have, for a range of reasons, not aspired to or attained home ownership by the time they reach retirement. They need access to affordable housing to enable them to enjoy housing stability and affordability to ensure they can successfully age-in-place.

Presented by Jeff Fiedler, HAAG's National Project Co-ordinator, and Shane Mcgrath, HAAG's Tenancy Worker, Raise the Roof covers issues affecting older and low income people, and highlights the fight for affordable housing and how you can get involved.