David Bowie Pinups with Paul Elliot, Jan 26th 4-6pm

Vale David Bowie who was the subject of a sell-out exhibition that visited cities such as Berlin, London, Toronto, Chicago, and Sao Paulo. In 2015  'David Bowie is...." arrived in Melbourne with it's rare memorabilia, photos and video clips much to the delight of thousands of Australian music fans. 3CR music coordinator Paul Elliott visited the exhibition and was suitably impressed . A pair of Melbournites Cass Moore and Bruce Butler attended many more times, contributed memoribilia and gave talks at the ACME exhibition. Paul Managed to talk to both of them about their passion for the music of this extraordinarily talented culteral icon. Tune into a two hour David Bowie special, the Bowie pinups radio show with Bruce Butler, Cass Moore and Paul Elliott on 3CR on.....

Audio available on demand until 4pm Feb 2nd via http://www.3cr.org.au/hometime-tuesday (4-5:30pm) and http://www.3cr.org.au/foodfight (5:30-6pm)