Interview with Sivarajan Arumugam, secretary of the Socialist Party of Malaysia; Julian Burnside re a documentary "Border Politics" re the international situation with refugees

Friday, 13 April 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7.00am: Acknowledgement of country

7.02: News – activists from WACA found not guilty ; Youth in the USA fighting for their lives;

7.15: Interview with Sivarajan Arumugam, secretary of Part Socialis Malaysia about upcoming elections on 9th May

7.30: News from GLW newspaper – renewable energy in NSW ; XXXX Beer factory workers out on strike in Brisbane; International news from Ethiopia; USA gun trade kills more people overseas; The killings in Palestine; Rail workers on strike in France;  Banning people with drug records to cause more problems;

8.00am: Activists Caledar

8.10am: Interview with Barrister Julian Burnside re the International opening of the film “Border Politics” to be shown at the Human Rights Arts and film festival 3rd-17th May; tickets on line

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