Interviews with Tony Iltis -GLW correspondent on the attack on Afrin; Cat Nadel from environment Victoria re the state government on CO2 emissions targets; Ian Hundley on Public transport Vs Private and gov attitude

Friday, 2 March 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7.00 - Acknowledgment of country

 7.02 - News from Green Left weekly - discussed film ''Black Panther ''; Senator Cash and her attack on women especially the staff of Shorten’s office; Mobilisation of Youth in the USA against gun laws;

7.15 - Interview with Tony Iltis from GLW paper re the slaughter of civilians in Afrin and East Ghoutta;

 7.35 – D:- More news from GLW Paper; Issue relating to the change of leadership in South Africa; Issue of Adani and the Batman elections

 7.45 - Interview with Cat Nadel from Environment Victoria re the CO2 emissions targets for Victoria given that the Andrews government is due to set targets this year for 2025-2030

 8.00 Activist Calendar

 8.10 Interview with Ian Hundley regarding the plans for Public transport and the governments support for private transport; the west gate tunnel also a member of Inner Melbourne Planning Alliance

8.25 close program

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