Interview with Valerie Farfalla - unemployed union

Friday, 2 February 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7.00 am Intro and acknowledgement of the original owners of the land

7.-02 am – News - What now; ABC – leak of cabinet files; Scott Morison apparently sent a message to delay medical checks for refugees who had been declared so by the UN; Housing plan by the government – social housing and public housing; Adani campaign – The Native Land Title Tribunal won an interim junction against Adani mines;  NAIF indirectly to fund the railway line for Adani mines via NAIF; David Feeney to resign due to dual citizen issue; Ged Kearny to stand for the ALP; Greens to stand and will nominate their candidate;

7.15 am- Interview with – The Unemployed people’s battle against the cashless card – with Owen Bennet by Peter

7.20am – News – Passing away of Ursula Quin; Nurses in Bupa won a great battle against the employers – wage rise 11.35% over 3 years; Immigration blocking a Iraqi singer; 33 millionaires gain – increased profit ; discussion on lack of wage increases while cost of living increase; trial by SA re underground coal gas; feminists issues – follow up on #metoo campaign, mobilisations in support of women who have been abused by men at work and in the community; Attacks by Turkey on Afrin especially the YPG;

7.45 am – Interview with Valerie Farfalla regarding the rally by the unemployed union against the introduction of cashless cards; the attitude shown by the government and the Bills x 2 in the parliament; petition -; as well as  #operationfebruaryflood ; another petition for the Xenopon team – firefighters new enterprise agreement;

8.00 am- Activists Calendar

8.10 am- Paper workers in Preston in Victoria on strike; Health and safety – 2 workers died in 24 hrs; What is the latest in Latin America with a focus on Venzuela;  Columbia; An analysis on the Labour party win in New Zealand; Analysis of attack on Afrin by Turkey

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