Neoliberalism has us conned into fighting climate change as individualsFederico FuentesAustralia Venezuela Solidarity Network G20 support the production of oil, gas and coal.

Friday, 21 July 2017 - 7:00am to 8:30am
7am Intro and acknowledgement of country
702am News: New report from university of Oregon which claims having one less child has far greater impact on personal carbon footprint than other measures like cycling instead of having a car, eliminating flights, eliminating meat from diet.

Martin Lukacs has an excellent reply in the Guardian : "Neoliberalism has us conned into fighting climate change as individuals".
7:10am News: Jacob and Zane discuss the shock resignations of Greens senators Scutt Ludlam and Larissa Waters due to archaic dual citizenship laws. The laws are undemocratic and should be scrapped.

7:16am Jacob and Zane interview Federico (Fred) Fuentes, a community campaigner with the Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network and Socialist Alliance member, about the ongoing impasse in Venezuelan politics. 

An increasingly violent right wing opposition has been violently protesting the Venezuelan government, beating several alleged left wing supporters and burning them to death. Mainstream media coverage around the world blames all violence on the Maduro government and there is no accountability for those perpetrating violence. The opposition called for a Constitutional Assembly but now that it is going ahead on July 30 they are opposing it.

Fred will be speaking at two panel discussions aimed at disseminating the actual facts on the ground. "Venezuela: Behind the crisis" is in Geelong on Friday July 28 and in Melbourne on Saturday July 29.

7:47am News: "It's not just Trump - G20 commits to climate disaster".

Alex Doukas, from Oil Change International, is the lead author of Talk is Cheap. Speaking to Democracy Now!, he said: “$72 billion, on average, per year is flowing from G20 governments through their public finance institutions to support the production of oil, gas and coal.

8:00am Activist calendar

8:16am Jacob and Zane interview Kelly Mackenzie from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) which is hosting the Powershift 2017 summit at Latrobe university this weekend. The AYCC have deepened their collaboration with the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, and significantly, some 200 of the 800-1000 young people who will attend the summit are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background.

The summit will discuss climate campaigns and science and develop plans for action as well as training the next generation of activists.
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