Green Left Weekly Radio - Episode 201707070700

Friday, 7 July 2017 - 7:00am to 8:30am


7:00 am acknowledgement of country.
7:03 am report back on the Students of Sustainability conference in Newcastle from Jacob who attended the conference.
7:08 am a discussion of a article from Green Left Weekly on why workers should fight back 
7:14 am a discussion on british politics based on a article by Simon Butler 
7:22 am a discussion on penalty rates using the article penalty rates cuts shows we need to re-write the rules.
7:33 am reading out of NSW teachers federations statement against gonski 2.0
7:39 am disscussion on French politics relating to workers taking the struggle to the streets against Macron
7:44 am ten years too long a discussion on  stopping the NT intervention
8:00 am activist calendar
8:10 am interview with Ken Canning a aboriginal elder from NSW on the meaning and history of NAIDOC and the future of the struggle