Green Left Weekly Radio - Episode 201706300700

Friday, 30 June 2017 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7am intro and acknowledgement of country


702am News: Jacob and Zane discuss the factional attack on Lee Rhiannon and the NSW branch of the party


7:18 music: combat wombat – shoot to kill


7:22 Jacob and Zane interview Tim Buchanan from Newcastle University Students association who is helping organise the annual Students of Sustainability conference. This years conference is notable for its anti capitalist politics and has a strong focus on linking up with workers and unions. There has been a conscious decision not to use the conference as a platform for NGOs. There will be a plenary session with local Aboriginal activists, Lee Rhiannon will be giving a session about grassroots campaigning. For more info visit.

7:35 music: pogues – dirty old town


740am News: Climate Refugees – the hidden crisis


7:50am music: last kinection – balooraman


7:53 News: Zane discusses the rising cost of electricity and gas. The role of privatisation in pushing prices up is explored as well as possible solutions based in public investment in a 100% renewable energy system.

8:05am activist calendar


8:15am John Tully from Australians for Kurdistan talks about the upcoming conference on the Rojava revolution happening on June 30 and July 1.

The event aims to inform participants about the revolutionary process, to discuss the problems it faces and to build support for it. For six years Syria has been engulfed in a terrible war. The original democratic revolt against the Assad regime has given way to a brutal multi-sided conflict. But in the midst of this carnage, under threat on all sides, the freedom struggle in Rojava is an inspiring beacon of hope. Initially a struggle for Kurdish self-determination, the liberation forces have established the Democratic Federal System of Northern Syria as a model for a multi-ethnic, federal and socially just Syria.

Today in northern Syria, a radical commune-style democracy is being constructed. Unprecedented efforts are being made to empower women. A new society is being created where all the various ethnic and religious groups that form the incredibly rich Syrian social mosaic can live together in peace and cooperation.

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