University of Melbourne academic Ibrahim Al-Mahdi about the conflict in Yemen | Chris White about the right to strike in Australia

Friday, 19 May 2017 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Update on UK elections – support for Labour under Corbyn increasing. Election platform would make UK more like a Scandinavian style social democracy but isn’t really socialist per se. Tangential discussion of Scandinavian social democracy.
Sydney busesworkers wage initial 24 hour strike against NSW governments announcement they want to privatise the inner west network.
Analysis of “Gonski 2.0” public schools funding model announced by theTurnbull government in last week’s budget. The funding announcement cuts billions from public schools, and private schools continue to receive vast amounts of public funding. Author and AEU member Mary Merkenich argues that education unions need to look beyond the imperfect and co-opted Gonski model and develop their own alternative funding model that properly resources public schools.
Review- new book “The house that Jack Built: Jack Mundey, Green Bans Hero” by James Colman. You can purchase the book here.

Zane interviews University of Melbourne academic Ibrahim Al-Mahdi about the conflict in Yemen.
Al-Mahdi says the situation is best viewed as a war of aggression by the US-backed Saudi regime to interfere in the domestic affairs of their southern neighbour. Thousands have been killed and tens of thousands injured and the countrys infrastructure decimated by Saudi bombings. The country is now facing an outbreak of Cholera and widespread shortages of food, clean water and medical supplies. Listen here.
Jacob and Zane interview Chris White about the right to strike in Australia. Currently workers and unions face highly restrictive laws around when strikes are permitted. Creating new laws which enshrine the right tostrike would open the way for a rebuilding of the trade union movement and give workers a far greater ability not only to win better wages and conditions but to support social campaigns around the political issues of the day. Listen here.
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