Interview with DJ Wasabi from Combat Wombat | Susan Rayes from the Ashburton Residents Action group | Mary Merkenich from the Teachers and ES Alliance (TESA).

Friday, 7 April 2017 - 7:00am to 8:30am

- Centrelink's transphobic policy of kicking gender diverse students off Austudy if their uni enrolment details don't specify gender as shown on birth certificate.

- Wrap up of Stop Adani roadshow last week- excellent presentations from Indian Peoples Climate ambassador Vaishali Patil and Millie Telford from Seed Indigenous youth climate project.

- Update on Italian campaigns against destructive gas pipeline

Jacob and Zane interview DJ Wasabi from  Combat Wombat re: about the group's new album ‘just across the border’.
Listen here.
Just Across The Border is a hip hop album with a revolutionary attitude. From bass-heavy speaker-blasting hip hop to cinematic musical epilogues and raw sonic beauty, Just Across The Border is truth-exposing, riot-inspiring music to tear down borders and break down the walls of racism and injustice we live under.


- Lenin Moreno from the ruling Alianza Pais has been elected President of Ecuador, replacing Rafael Correa.

Jacob and Zane interview Susan Rayes from the Ashburton Residents Action group. The residents group is fighting plans by the Andrews government to privatise public housing land and build a bulky private development on the land to raise funds. Rayes says the land should all be retained for public use, with expanded (but appropriately scaled) public housing built on the site. Listen here.

Activist calendar

Jacob and Zane interview Mary Merkenich from the Teachers and ES Alliance (TESA). The teachers union (AEU) leadership is avoiding taking industrial action to help secure a better deal for teachers in Victoria. Teachers in the public system have to deal with unweildy class sizes and work many hours of unpaid overtime so it is especially problematic that the union leadership is acting as a brake on members who are prepared and willing to strike.TESA is campaigning for members to vote against the EBAuntil it is improved, which would necessitate taking industrial action.Listen here.