Discussion on fire at squatters building in Footscray | Alan Broughton interview about food security | Louise Byrne interview updating on West Papua

Friday, 3 March 2017 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Discussion on fire at squatters building in Footscray and information update regarding three people having been killed in the fire, and this issue how it relates to homelessness #nohomelessban

More news from GLW: Penalty rates

The largest coal mine in the world Adani.

The worker’s dispute at Echuca Parmalat national dairy company exploiting workers again.

Victoria passing positive action on climate change.

Activist calendar

Interview with Alan Broughton about food security and his book launch – Sustainable Agriculture versus Corporate Greed, Small farmers, food security & big business, by Alan Broughton & Elena Garcia. Listen Here.

Interview with Louise Byrne updating on West Papua; how the Melanesian Spearhead group are discussing full membership, how the African and Caribbean group are full support which will increase presence at the UN, and the efforts to re-list West Papua on the decolonization list. Listen here.