Stephanie Cousins, Amnesty International about their latest annual State of the World’s HumanRights report | ACTU President Ged Kearney about the Fair Work Commission | Repower Port Augusta's Gemma Weedall about thesolar thermal plant at Port Augusta

Friday, 24 February 2017 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Jacob and Zane discuss protests against visit to Australia by Israeliprime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Discussion of protest against criminalisation of homelessness persons at White Night, and of upcoming protests.

Discussion of fascist grouplet Soldiers of Odour trying to cohere a lynch mob in Melton to attack African Australian people, based on a completely fabricated story.

Discussion of US based far right activist Milo Yiannopoulous being shunned by a publishing company and by far right organisations after making comments condoning pedophilia.

Discussion of attacks on native title law with new legislation implemented by Federal Attorney general George Brandis aimed at further weakening native title provisions and giving mining companies including Adani even greater access to Aboriginal land than is already the case.

Jacob and Zane interview Stephanie Cousins from Amnesty International about the organisation’s latest annual State of the World’s HumanRights report, including reports of a culture of fear and hatred in many countries, the ongoing abuses in Australia, including the high level of incaceration of Aboriginal people, the ongoing policy of locking up refugees and asylum seekers, and regressive metadata and foreign fighter legislation. Listen Here.


Jacob and Zane interview Australian Council of Trade Unions President Ged Kearney about the Fair Work Commission’s decision to cut Sunday penalty rates for retail, fast food and pharmaceutical workers, and how this decision will potentially affect around 750,000 workers and will reduce their pay, in what will be the biggest backward step for wages since the Great Depression. Listen Here.

Jacob and Zane interview Socialist Alliance member and Repower Port Augusta activist Gemma Weedall, about the community led campaign to build a new dispatchable solar thermal plant at Port Augusta, how this would complement the variable output of South Australia’s fleet of wind farms, providing alternative employment for former coal workers in the region, and how private operators have been gaming the energy system to maximise profits and then blaming the energy supply issues on renewables. Listen Here.

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