Moira Williams, community organiser with, on the latest in the campaign to stop the Adani Carmichael coal mine from being built in remote Queensland.

Friday, 9 December 2016 - 7:00am to 8:30am


Jacob and Zane discuss the union backed teachers for refugees action coming on monday 12/12/16, and victory for the Carlton United #CUB55campaign as brewery workers are offered their jobs back on full pay.


Discussion of partial victory for #noDAPL standing rock campaign, and of the Victorian Andrews government Law and order campaign and new push for DNA profiling of suspects without a warrant.


Discussion of new wave of protest in South Korea looking at Green Left Weekly article by Yongsu Won “South Korea Shaken by government scandals and new civic revolution”.


Discussion of Syrian conflict looking at Green Left article by Tony Iltis “Syria:Is the multi sided conflict at a turning point?”. An analysis of the different geopolitical and imperial interests fighting one another and touching on the role of climate change in the conflict.



Jacob and Zane interview Moira Williams, community organiser with, about the latest in the campaign to stop the mammoth Adani Carmichaelcoal mine from being built in remote Queensland. Moira reports widespread outrage at the announcement that a federally funded body, the North Australia Infrastructure Fund (NAIF) may fund construction of the 300km rail line connecting the mine site to port and says lots of people have been getting in touch with angry at the announcement and keen to help stop the mine.
A key focus of's campaign in coming months will be pressuring the Federal Government not to fund the project and pressuring ANZ, Commbank and Westpac to join NAB in ruling out finance for the project. Listen here.

A brief congratulations to Zebedee Parkes whose short film “For myfriends in detention” has won the most Unexceptional documentarycategory in the short films section at the Sydney indie filmfest, and is being played at various short film and activist film festivals internationally.



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