Interview with Wendy Farmer from Voices of the Valley

Friday, 18 November 2016 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Introduction to program, acknowledgement of country.

Discussion about the refugee us deal and the visa refugee ban drawing on an article by Zebedee Parkes from Green Left.

A lengthy discussion about Donald Trump and his plans for the united states once he is inaugurated

Report-back from a indigenous health conference from Lalitha Chelliah on the program including the reading of a statement from the conference.

News from green left weekly why; attacks on the racial discrimination act are not about free speech

Interview with Wendy Farmer from Voices of the Valley on the closure of Hazelwood and the need for a just transition in the La Trobe valley and the developments of the campaign. More information can be found here. Listen here.

Activist calendar

40 Days of Radical Radio - we listen to two archival recordings from Stick Together including an interview with Margarita Windisch on tafe cuts and another on the historical nurses strike.

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