Living and resisting in Trump’s America

6 May 2017 - 4:00pm to 7:00pm



Public meeting

Living and resisting in Trump’s America

A socialist feminist organiser speaks out!


International guest speaker Nancy Reiko Kato

Bay Area unionist, anti-fascist organiser, Asian American lesbian and author of Never Again! No Muslim internment


• Trump’s rise — a reaction long in the making

• Inspiring mass protests with women and people of colour taking the lead

• A new vision for the U.S. and what it will take to win


Saturday 6 May, 4 pm


Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road, Brunswick


Followed by a buffet dinner catering for all diets including vegan and gluten free for a $10 donation. 


This forum is a benefit for the Freedom Socialist and Freedom Socialist Organiser fund drive and is hosted by Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women.


For more information email or or call 03 9388 0062


To read Never Again! No Muslim internment or other writings by Nancy Reiko Kato or to give to the Freedom Socialist and Freedom Socialist Organiser international $100,000 fund drive, go to