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Different, Like Us seeks to give voice to minority groups, indigenous, refugee, and migrant youth.


Areej Nur



Producer Areej Nur

About Different Like Us

Brown and Proud

In 2012 3CR received a grant from the Community Broadcasting Foundation for a Current Affairs Content Producer position. Welcome to Areej Nur (pictured) who was the successful applicant. Areej is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and will produce Different, Like Us - a 3CR initiative that actively dismantles the exclusion of young culturally diverse voices in all media forms. Areej is looking forward to producing content that reflects the actual diversity and views of Australian communities.

Different, Like Us seeks to give voice to minority groups, indigenous, refugee, and migrant youth. The project provides a medium for communities that are rarely heard in the mainstream media, and are still emerging in independent media in Australia.

"The radio pieces are an opportunity for us to share our stories, histories, issues and perspectives on how current affairs affects us directly in our everyday lives" says Areej.

This project has now been completed.

[Art (above) by Melanie Cervantes http://dignidadrebelde.com/]

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