Vivian Langford, Jordi Bates, Kathryn Bennett, Michael Lord and Tim Buckley. (Andy, Panel-Op.)
Vivian Langford, Dr David Kimiti, George Monbiot & Professor Karin Wahl-Jorgensen. (Andy, Panel-Op)
Beyond Zero Community Show
Erin Jones
Vivian Langford, Mark Butler. (Andy, Panel-Op.)
Vivian Langford, Kurt Johnson present Dr Alecia Bellgrove, Jane Hammond & Nathaniel Pelle. (Andy, Panel-Op)
Vivian Langford, David Gallan, Dr Mehreen Faruqi & Jessica Panegyres. (Andy, Panel-Op)
Vivian Langford, Mark Butler MP, Christine Milne and Dr John Hewson & Kurt Johnson. (Andy, Panel-Op)
Beyond Zero Community Show
Kurt Johnson, Verity Morgan-Schmidt, Charlie Prell & Anika Molesworth. (Andy-Panel-Op)
Beyond Zero Community Show
Erin Jones, Dan Spencer & Venessa Petrie & Simon Corbell.
Beyond Zero Community Show
Erin Jones
Vivian Langford, Professor Rob Roggema, Karibaiti Taoaba & David Holmgren. (Andy, Panel-Op)
Vivian Langford, Professor Clive Hamilton & Dr Tim Dean. (Andy, Panel-Op.)
Vivian Langford, Kurt Johnson, Dr John Kanowski, Tim Pearson, Professor Brendan Mackey & Professor Jean Marc Hero. (Andy, Panel-Op)
Vivian Langford, Vanessa Petrie, Professor John Wiseman & Professor John Wiseman. (Andy Panel-Op)
Beyond Zero Community Show
Vivian Langford, Kurt Johnson. (Andy, Panel-Op.)
Vivian Langford, Janet Phillips, Rev Dr Margaret Mayman & Leigh Ewbank. (Presenter/Panel-Op, Andy)
Vivian Langford, Kurt Johnson, Sherri Goodman, David Spratt, Ian Dunlop & Dr Malte Meinshausen. Andy(Panel).
Viv Langford, Erin Jones Kurt Johnson & Andy.
Beyond Zero Community Show
Erin Jones
Vivian Langford presents David Ritter, Miriam Lyons & Danny Kennedy.
Vivian Langford, Clare Westwood, Alan Broughton & Robin Laurie (AKA Professor Pym). Andy Britt (Presenter/Panel-Op)
Vivian Langford, Kurt Johnson, Prof Brett Bryan, Gregory Miller & erard Wedderburn-Bisshop . Andy(Panel-Op)
Vivian Langford, Kurt Johnson, Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop, Professor Ram Dalal & Dr Michael Battaglia.
Vivian Langford, Mary Ritter, Monica Frassoni, Reynald Gallis & Benoit Lebot.
Erin Jones
Erin Jones, Michael Lord.
Vivian Langford present Elena Garcia and Alan Broughton & Kurt Johnson speaks with Quinn Ollivier
Vivian Langford, Colin Seis & Mark Diesendorf
Beyond Zero Community Show
Vivian Langford, Suresh Kumar & Datuk Idris.
Vivian Langford, Phee Boon Poh 彭文宝 & Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj.
Erin Jones, Mark Jamieson & Greg Laverty.
Erin Jones, Professor Søren Hermansen, Nicky Ison.
Vivian Langford, Naomi Klein, Missy Higgins, Senator Patrick Dodson & Professor Gillian Triggs.
Host: Vivian Langford. Guests: Katerina Gaita, Carol Ride and band " The Same Boat". (presented by Kurt).
Vivian Langford, Dr Rod Campbell, Claire O’Rourke & Peter Yacono.
Erin Jones(host), Clayton McDonald(OB recorder)
Natelie Bucknell, Vivian Langford, Kate Auty, Philip Sutton & Luke Taylor (Panel-op, Andy)
Beyond Zero Community Show
Vivian Langford, Professor Kevin Anderson. (courtesy of The Elephant Podcast)
Vivian Langford, Greg Foyster, Maggie Baron, Stephen Bygrave and Andrew Bray.
Vivian Langford, Lyn Bender, Deb Hart & Blair Palese
Vivien Langford, Per Espen Stoknes, Lyn Bender & Susie Burke.
Vivian Langford (presenter) George Monbiot courtesy of The Elephant Podcast and Kevin Kaners
Vivian Langford, Dr David Etheridge, Dr Sue Cook & Prof Tony Worby. Erin(Panel-Op).
Vivian Langford & Jane Rudmann present a panal discussion with Debra Heart, Julian Vincent, Carol Ride & Fiona Armstrong. Andy (Panel Op)
Erin Jones, Ben Chester, Tim Harrison & Dr. Chris Jones
Vivian Langford, Professor Martijn Wilder, Christine Milne. (Panel Op, Erin)
Vivian Langford, Dr Lindsay Hutley, Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop & Louise Boranyak Vasco. Andy(Panel Op)
Vivian Langford, Naomi Klein, Christine Milne & John Hewson
Vivian Langford, Craig Horne, Daniel Lawes, Alison Crook AO and more.....
Vivian Langford, David Hood AM & Daryl Tonkinson. (Andy, Panel Op)
Vivian Langford, Lisa McLean, Julie Lyford and Joseph Zane Sikulu.
Vivian Langford W/Andy(Panel)
Vivian Langford Thom Mitchell, Dr Michelle Maloney & Bruce Pascoe
Vivian Langford, Bill McKibben, David Spratt. Also Robin Laurie(Voice over artist) & Franklin D Roosevelt(a fireside chat)
Vivian Langford, Dr Stephen Bygrave, The Hon Mark Bailey, MP. Professor Karen Hussey, Senator Larissa Waters and Tom Nockolds (Erin & Andy on panel)
Vivien Langford, Rob Adams, Lucy Best and Stephen Bygrave. (Andy and Erin)
Vivian Langford presenter & speakers Rev Willie Bennett, Rev Seforosa Carroll, Cassandra Goldie & Murrawah Johnsonand Erin & Andy on panel
Vivian Langford(presenter) Gaia Vince Philip Wollen, Dr Deidre Wicks, Vicki Jones & Mo Wyse. (Andy Britt, Panel)
Vivien Langford & Jane Rudman
Vivian Langford speake with Dr Cassandra Goldie, Fiona Armstrong and Daniel Spencer
Viv Langford, Danny Diesendorf, Lucy Best, David Watson Elizabeth Farrelly
Vivian Langford interviews Senator Lee Rhiannon, Blair Pelese, Miriam Lyons and Nicky Ison
In conversation with Per Espen Stoknes, Lyn Bender, Susie Burke, with Vivien Langford.
Viv Langford, Ian Angus, David Spratt
Beyond Zero Community Show
Viv Langford, Mark Butler , Josh Frydenberg, Janet Rice, Adam Bandt, Peter Christoff, Natalie Isaacs
Viv Langford, Larissa Waters, Evan Hughes, Malcolm Turnball, Jim Casey
Viv Langford,
John Hewson- Patron of the Solar Council Fiona O'Hehir- Greenbank Environmental Daniel Lawes- Inventor and owner POWER Diverter Christine Milne- Patron of the Solar Council John Grimes- CEO Australian Solar Council Wayne Smith - Australian Solar Council
Viv Langford, Tiffany Harrison, Amanda Cahill, Tayannah O'Donnell , Simon Richardson , Christine Milne
Vic Langford, Bil McKibben
Viv Langford, John Hepburn, Gadrian Hoosan, Leigh Ewbank, Wendy Farmer, Drew Hutton
Beyond Zero Community Show
Viv Langford, Jessica Panegyros, Arif Fyanto, Romesh Agrawal, Aunty Mabel Quakerwoot, Joseph Zane Sikulu
Viv Langford, David Etheridge, Sue Cook, Tony Worby
Viv Langford, Clive Hamilton, Robert Manne
Viv Langford, Gerard Drew, Tim Buckley, Mark Butler MP, Dr Mehreen Faruqi, Emma Herd
Viv Langford, Anthony James, Miriam Lyons, Ian Dunlop, Jan Owens
Viv Langford, Professor Tim Flannery, Ecoshock's Alex Smith
Viv Langford, Miriam Lyons, Cassy O’Connor, Miwa Tominaga, Janet Rice, Cam Walker,
Viv Langford, Verena Streitferdt, Alistair Sprould, Martina Blum, Gareth Johnston
Viv Langford, Dr Malte Meinshausen, Dr Liz Connor, Victoria McKenzie-McHarg,Kate Auty , Caroline Ingvarson, Katerina Gaita, John Wiseman, Adam Bumpus
Viv Langford, Simon Sheikh, Deane Belfield, Siew Shuan, Jeremy Leggett c/o Alex Smith
Viv Langford, Lyn Bender, Deborah Hart, Blair Palese
Viv Langford, Julie Lyford, Liz Hanna, Tom Doig
Viv Langford, Bill Hampel, De Grebner, Senator Larissa Waters, George Monbiot
Viv Langford, Richard di Natale, Luke Taylor, Gemma Weedall
Can all and sundry really afford to jet around holidaying in other parts of the world?
Viv Langford, Professor Robert Manne, Lyn Bender, Professor Michael Hall
Viv Langford, Christine Milne, Andrew Bradley, Stephen Bygrave
Alex Smith (presenter Radio Ecoshock), Dr Margaret Klein Salamon
Viv Langford, Senator Janet Rice, Karena Goldfinch, Steve Meacher, Knitting Nanas
Heat stress, wind and renewables
Viv Langford, Greg Foyster, Maggie Baron, Stephen Bygrave
Published in 2015, "Guarding Eden's" 12 contributors share their road to climate change activism. Viv hosts 4 of the contributors in the studio.
Viv Langford, Deborah Hart, Fiona Armstrong, Carol Ride, Julian Vincent
Naomi Klein
The black holes of mining continue to fester across our land.
Viv Langford, Senator Larissa Waters, Professor Clive Hamilton, Geoff Maddox, Jarrod Talbot
Beyond Zero Community Show
Viv Langford, Thom Mitchell, President Anote Tong, Tim Flannery
Viv Langford, Lyn Bender, David Spratt, Dr Colin Long
Viv Langford, Fergus Green, Caroline Lambert, John Krey, Josh Creaser, Daisy Barham, Jeremy Buckingham
Viv Langford, Dr Daniel Murdiyarso, Tim Buckley
Solar power coming to Port Augusta? Islamic declaration and ARCC.
Viv Langford, Dan Van Holst Pellekaan, Ellen Roberts, Thea Ormerod
Black carbon, otherwise known as soot, is a major player in the disruption to our climate systems.
Viv Langford, Gerard Wedderburn Bisshop, David Karoly, Malte Meinshausen, Jonathan Mingle interviewed by Alex Smith.
A successful campaign closes down the Anglesea coal mine. Meanwhile the fight to close Hazelwood (in Gippsland) continues
Viv Langford, Andrew Laird, Lord John Deben, Adam Bandt, John Grimes, Ellen Sandell
Head in the sand? Why can so many siimply ignore the reality of climate change?
Viv Langford, Lyn Bender, Charles le Feuvre, Susie Burke, Sue Pratt
Shenhua coal mine fought by Liverpool Plains NSW farmers and residents
Tony Wikndsor, Tim Duddy, Farmrers
Malcolrm Turnball
Viv Langford, David Watson, Professor kevin Anderson, Professor David Karoly, Dr Stephen Bygrave, Professor Will Steffan
Viv Langford, Alex Smith (radio EcoShock), Kevin Anderson
How do our representatives talk about citizens in the protected areas of Parliament House (NSW in this instance)
Viv Langford, Phil Laird, Barnaby Joyce, Fran Kelly, Debra Roberts
Do citizens have a right to take a mine project to court? Is this vigilante litigation?
Vivien Langford, Professor Stephanie Hepburn, Jeff Smith, Cristy Clark
New book - Guarding Eden by Deborah Hart (Allen & Unwin)
Deborah Hart, Fiona Armstrong, Julien Vincent, Carol Ride
How does the media and those shadowy think tanks shape community ideas about climate action.
David Holmes, Roger Dargaville,
Yeb Sanyo, Anna Abad, Marjan Minnesma, Nikola Casule
Professor Peter Sainsbury and Dr Helen Redmond discussing the recent report from The Lancet
Professor Peter Sainsbury and Dr Helen Redmond
Will the ALP embrace a clean energy future with clean energy jobs?
Mark Butler (ALP MP), John Grimes (CEO Australian Solar Council), Bill Shorten (ALP Leader of the Opposition)
Felicity Wade, Asren Pugh, Claire O'Rourke, Fiona Armstrong, Peter Marshall, John Grimes, Anthony Albanese MP, Mark Butler MP
Oliver Yates (Clean Energy Finance Corporation), John Grimes (Australian Solar Council) and Mark Butler (ALP)
The small town of Bulga, NSW, receives a surprising win in a court case against mining giant Rio Tinto.
There are so many ways to work for change, Stephen Mayne is arguable Australia's leading expert in shareholder activism and Felicity Milner introduces the world of fighting for the environment in the courts.
Stephen Mayne, Felicity Milner (Environmental Justice Australia), Stephen Bygrave
Ego Lemos, Dr Dan Murphy, Barry Hinton, Senator Janet Rice
Viv visits Timor Leste returning with three strands of the climate adaptation story.
Viv Langford, Adao Soares Barbosa, Hector Hill, Trudy Dale
Vivien visits a logged and burnt out section of Victoria's state park. Find out why Victoria should sign up to the Great Forest National Park proposal.
Adrian Burrugubba, Dr Peter Sainsbury, Greg Foyster, Maggie Barron, Viv Langford, Dr Dan Murphy in East Timor
Viv and Jane, Adrian Burrugubba, Dr Peter Sainsbury, Greg Foyster, Maggie Barron, Dr Dan Murphy in East Timor
Close down Australia's dirtiest brown coal power station - Hazelwood
Viv Langford, Lisa Neville - Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water, Ellen Sandell - State MP for Melbourne, Tom Doig - author of The Coal Face
The Guardian staff, Natasha Mitchell interviewing Tristan Edis, Editor, Climate Spectator and Kane Thorton, CEO, Clean Energy Council, Beth Shepherd interviewing Laura Lanteiri.
Transitioning to a no-carbon economy, where will the green jobs come from?
Amanda Tattersall John Parker Dave Kerrin Darren Snell Tim Gooden John Rainford
We pay tribute to Senator Christine Milne (Greens leader) as she hands over to Senator Richard Di Natale
Christene Milne and interview with Fran Kelly (ABC radio)
Ben Caldecott, Blair Palese, Giles Parkinson and Stephen Bygrave talk about, respectively, stranded assets, disruptive divestment, decarbonised state and progress in Europe ahead of the December Paris climate summit.
Blair Palese (350.org) Ben Caldecott (Economist, Oxford University) CLIMARTE, Stephen Bygrave (CEO, BZE)
It's time to join in the fight against big carbon. Our reefs, our biosphere and our children are depending on you!
Jennifer Colbert, Thom Mitchell, Hazelwood Rally, Beth Shepherd, CLIMARTE
Ellen Sandell (Greens), David Spratt, Adrian Burrugubba
SLF Great Debate - To Collapse or Not To Collapse`
David Holmgren, George Monbiot, Nicole Foss and George Marshall
We know the outcome of the NSW election but have a listen anyway to candidate's promises.
Adam Searle (ALP) John Kaye (Greens) Alan Rusbridger (The Guardian)
Beyond Zero Community Show
Bob Massey presents an incisive and tailored-for-Australia argument as to why coal must remain in the ground to avoid catastrophic climate change.
Viv Langford interviews firstly, Bob Massey and then Blair Palese.
How your house can save energy and is your brain wired to ignore climate change?
James Branwell, Richard Keech, George Marshall
Beyond Zero Community Show
Our economic and bodily health in relation to climate change is examined in this episode.
Viv Langford Professor Peter Sainsbury Fiona Armstrong Francis Grey
Beyond Zero Community Show
Rod Quantock, Leigh Ewbank, Dagmar Graczyk