This BZE Radio episode was broadcast on Monday 28th August 2017

Tune in today at 5pm for Mark Butler MP, Christine Milne and Dr John Hewson on Australia’s time-wasting ‘climate wars’.
How did we become the first country to repeal a carbon tax?
How did we discourage investment in renewable energy and end up with costly electricity?
Why  have citizens lost confidence in parliament’s capacity to unify round climate policy?
The Hon Mark Butler, in a conversation with Vivien Langford, takes an unflinching look at the time wasting climate wars.
As Naomi Klein says ” No is not enough” .We need a plan for a future we can say yes to.
Mark Butler’s book gives us part of a new narrative  and he consults widely in the community.
Former parliamentary leaders Christine  Milne and John Hewson will round out the picture. 3CR Community Radio